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Enjoy electric silence

Of course, environmental aspects and sustainability are a positve aspect of e-mobility and good for your conscience.

Even more than that the almost noiseless engine immediately will capture you even when driving fast. The loudest thing you can hear is the sparkeling of the water and the driving wind. It is indescribable how much closer you feel to nature. You can chat quietly and enjoy the environment with all your senses. Especially hearing and breathing will be freed from motor noise and exhaust or fuel fumes. Engine vibrations are eliminated. You will glide along like on a sedan.


Maritime Electromobility

Since electric vehicles with stunning driving performance, comfortable user experience and more than sufficient range have been available for the roads, there has been a desire to transfer this clean concept to the maritime leisure world. In the long term, combustion engines will have no moral justification to exist for leisure purposes. Now comfort, range and reasonable speed have been successfully combined. 

PureVolt offers a platform for different electric boat sizes and designs and segments. Talk to us and share your personal preference - we will try to find the best matching e-boat for you!


Designed and Crafted to Perfection

Q30 by Q Yachts

The revolutionary, fully electric daycruiser.
PureVolt Yachts is Q Yachts' exclusive sales partner in Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, as well as contact for the rest of Germany.

Length: 9,3m | Width: 2,2m

Depth: 0,6m | Displacement 1,6t

Speed: Silent Cruising 6kn (11,1km/h), 9kn (16,7km/h), Max. 15kn (27,8km/h)

Electric propulsion Power: 20kW (continuous)

battery capacity: 30kWh

autonomy: silent - 54NM (100km), Cruising - 42nm (78km), Max - 22nm (41km)


Clean design meets classic shape. The best electric boats are designed and optimized from the ground up around the electric propulsion system.

A particularly impressive example is the Q30: the distinctive shape is based on a smuggler development from the 1920s and has been refined in every respect and developed down to the last detail. The long and narrow shape ensures maximum energy efficiency.

The extended windshield is also a glas dome of the hidden cabin. So you can comfortably sit upright in it and look in three directions and up without a barrier.

Electric Propulsion

The proven and powerful electric motor from OCEANVOLT delivers 20kW with a safe 48V.

With a closed cooling circuit, contamination is excluded and the system is frost-proof. This is possible thanks to the high efficiency and low heat generation of electric motors. So almost no maintenance is required and a lifespan of approx. 10,000 hours can be assumed without loss of performance. It doesn't need warming up or oil.

The propeller is connected directly to the motor without a gear via the shaft.

The lithium-ion battery system stores 30kWh and can be easily charged with 230V shore power. Due to the high efficiency, no larger battery is required. This saves weight, resources and charging time.


The concept is based on the desire to influence nature as little as possible. Fuels, exhaust gases and noise are excluded. Low weight also saves energy.

The hull shape is particularly efficient in displacement. The materials are continuously checked for comparable, more environmentally friendly alternatives. For example, the reinforcement boards are made from recycled PET.

The long life of the drive warrants the sustainability of the system and a very long time of enjoying the boat. No fuel can be spilled while refueling, no oil needs to be changed.

The neighbors and wildlife will be happy when no engine noise disturbs their calm. The battery life is optimized by carefully desigend charging and discharging loads.

Driving experience

The long and narrow hull has a very smooth straight line. The rudder steering gives control without additional thrust.

As a displacement hull, the boat cuts through oncoming waves, which contributes to smooth running. The boat is very easy to maneuver thanks to the immediately available high torque, typical of an electric motor.

Silent at 6kn with a fantastic 10 hour range. Cruising at 9kn, which still allow 75km range. The top speed of 15 knots allows a fast march for a maximum of 1.5 hours. Overall, the Q30 offers swift, yet economical and relaxing transportation.

Drive & Dine

Drive to water-front restaurants. You could be charging the battery while enjoying your menu.

Meetings on Board

Looking for a great venue for a business meeting? Try an open air, undisturbed even while driving. A harmonious environment promotes the best result.

Relax & Flow

Take a trip in peace and relax. Perhaps at anchor for a while and use the relaxation options on deck, below deck and at the stern.

Nature & Wellness

Luxury and nature go together. With the electric drive you can move quietly in nature. Also, you can go swimming directly from the open rear without sandy feet. In addition to the retractable bathing ladder, there is a fresh watershower in the aft area.


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THE path to your desired yacht

1. Your requests
Let us know your desired uses and functionalites.

2. Configuration
Together with you we will suggest the best boat type and configuration according to your preferences.

3. Test drive
Of course, your personal live impression is most important for your decision. We will resevere an available test drive for you at a possible location hopefully nearest or most convenient to you.

4. Options
Depending on your planned use of the boat and your personal preferences we will will present optional equipment to maximise your overall experience and ease of use.

5. Custiomized production and delivery
As soon as all the details are settled, the production and customization of your individual yacht begins. If you wish, you can inspect your yacht at the shipyard before it is delivered.

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